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Burrito Bats for Bats Conservation International

Help out these little guys to come out of being an endangered species.

  All funds raised will go towards Reaseachers, protection of caves, minimaize bat fatalities at wind-energy sites, education projects
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Bats around the world are becoming endangered. About 954 species are vulnerable, yet 26 Critically endangered. Bats are being driven out of their homes, like caves or old mine by human disturbances, making places fo tourism. Bats are hibernation animals for the winter. If disturbed, they can end up burning the fat they need for hibernation and likely not survive the winter. They also get killed from the fake myths about them.

Thousands of killings also happen in the United States by Collisions with the spinning blades of wind turbines of rapid pressure change at turbines that can rupture blood vessels.

Researchers are also seeking to recover the bat population from killing down a diesase called White-nose Syndrome. It happens in hibernating when fungus grows on the skin. It causes them to use their winter fat and starve to death before spring.

For more information or other donations, visit www.batcon.org

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