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Not all cancer is Pink!

I have lost two aunts, grandmother, grandfather to this awful thing. Each had a different type of cancer and each faught with all they had. 

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Five years ago we found out that my grandmother had been living with a brain tumor growing where doctor after doctor diagnosed her with dementia. My father helped her till he could no longer help her. He found somoen who could help her and that is when they found out she had a brain tumor not dementia. One of my aunts battled cancer all of her adult life and it ultamatly took her life to. My other grandfather tried at such an old age to fight cancer and it got the better of him. I just last year lost another aunt when they finally figured out she had lung cancer unfortunately it was to late for her. I created this shirt because everywhere i look there is murchandise, but it is pink and all you hear about is breast cancer and pink. I think cancer has no color. I want to spread just as much that there are many other types of cancer and they are all just as bad or worse then breast cancer.

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