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Freshwater Future

This charity's goal is to protect the Great Lakes region. If you want them to have clean water and beaches as well as healthy fish, donate!

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I've fished the Great Lakes my entire life and over time have noticed changes in water quality and fish. I live on Lake Michigan and was able to see first hand how things like invasive species have hurt our waters. We try so hard to protect our fishing industry but it is now a very delicate ballance due to the amount of invasive species and so on that have effected our water. When I was a kid I saw the murky green water and my father told me that if it's green that's how you know it's healthy. You may notice it's no longer green. There are days when the water is as blue as the ocean and just as clear. This is due to the zebra and quagga mussels that have been brought here. 

Things like that make me sad and so I've created this in order to give them the money to clean our waters, ensure there are happy healthy fish, clean our beaches, and protect the Great Lakes region.

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