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LS Costa Rica Trip

Hey guys Liam is going to Costa Rica on a mission trip. Buy a shirt to support his efforts to change the world and fulfill his dream.

  All funds raised will go towards Costa Rica trip
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    My big brother and my dad attended a week long Costa Rica mission trip a few years ago. I was so excited to hear all about the fun they had, that sometimes seemed risky. My dad shared stories about helping another dad  who fell off the boat. My brother amused me with his stories of practical jokes he and his friends played on one another. Outside of all the fun, I remember how everyone who went on the trip believed they really helped the people who lived there. They had a lot less than I do.


Since their return, I have imagined the fun of going. Building up my courage to zipline across the sky to make my dad proud. I want to help people and have fun. I'm so glad it is finally my turn to go to Costa Rica. I have launched this campaign to help my parents who are both police officers to pay for it. I watch them work hard and want to do my part. Thank you.

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