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Product:   Gildan 2000 Ultra Cotton T-Shirt
Color:   Black

Proceeds from the sale of the #Valentine4Boston t-shirt go directly to the Pawsitively Strong fund, set up by the 501c3 nonprofit organization NEADS/Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans.This fund provides service dogs at NO COST to survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings who have sustained a permanent injury.

On April 15, 2013 tragedy struck Boston. The attack was meant to bring the city to its knees. Jessica Kensky and her husband Patrick Downes were near the finish line when the bombs went off. They were both seriously injured.

This Valentine's Jess wanted to do something special for Patrick. When she reached out to friends, Jess never could have anticipated the response...

...her gift to Patrick grew into something much bigger...a Valentine for the whole city. The people of Boston are not just standing strong... they're dancing!

#Valentine4Boston was held at Copley Place, just a short distance from the site of the bombings that changed these lives forever.

It gave survivors, doctors and nurses, social workers, government agencies and others a forum to express their love and appreciation for the city of Boston. It's a way for those still reeling from the impact of that horrendous event to say thank you to Boston -- thank you for the incredible support you continue to show, and for being a city that is so resilient.

The flash mob was organized by NEADS/Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans

Our Special thanks go to:
• Attorney General Martha Coakley's and her office staff
• Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center nurses, doctors and administrators
• The Black Dog Tavern staff
• Boston Marathon bombing survivors and their families
• Boston Medical Center nurses, social workers and administrators
• Brownstone Insurance staff
• Copley Place
• DJ John Dow and DJ Stenny
• Massachusetts General Hospital social workers and nurses
• Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance staff
• Matt Siegel from Kiss-108 Matty in the Morning
• Pat the Patriot, the New England Patriot's mascot
• NEADS/Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans staff, clients, weekend puppy raisers and dogs
• Jilly Martin, New England to Nashville singer
• "So Good" Boston Song singers and songwriters Eytan Nicholson, Vincent Sneed and Ben Meyers
• Choreographer Susan Chebookjian

Additional support from many Boston area agencies and companies, including the below:
• Lynn Hughes & Erin Essenmacher
• Boston Red Sox
• Boston Duck Tours
• Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
• Boston Public Health Commission
• Massachusetts Victim & Witness Assistance Board
• Brattle Entertainment
• Annie Massad Designs
• St. Judes Parish, Waltham
• Quad/Graphics
• MCA Promo
• GMCR/Keurig

Kerrie Blanchard
Lindsey Boudrot
Susan Chebookjian
Kim Misci
Jaime Montesano
Suzanne Neuman
Ellen Petito
Andrew Swansburg
Stacey Tully
Stephanie Acierno
Lisa Brown
Sharon Concannon
Gerry DeRoche
Meg Femino
Diane Fiset
Amber Foley
Sherri Forest
Yvonne Girard
Amy Goh
Kara Grant
Sara Guerra
Lauren Harney
Christina Horan
Michael Hurley
Karen Irving
Beth Johnson
Abi Johnson
Ellen Jones
Lynn Julian
Doug Julian
Sharon Kahn Luttrell
Josh Kahn
Sheryl Katzanek
Beth Keating
Tracy Kelly
Katy Kensky
Jess Kensky
Patrick Downes
Sarah Kensky
Elizabeth Kerr
Mary Knuth
John Malone
Jilly Martin
Ben Meyers
John Moon
Jill Moon
Kathy Morrissey
Megan Murphy
Pam Murray
Susan Nabreski
Sallyann Nelligan
Eytan Nicholson
Pat Patriot #1
Emma Rigby
Doreen Sheridan
Maryann Siegal
Matt Siegel
Vincent Sneed
Jacklyn Varela
Michele Vulcano
Michael Vulcano
Susan Woolston
Brooke Woolston
Kate Woolston
Amanda Wright
Cathy Zemaitis

Production Team:
Julia Cruz
Erin Essenmacher
Bruno Falcon
Lynn Hughes
Amanda McGrady
Sam Smith
Alyssa Trulen


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