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Total amount raised imageWe make fundraising with custom t-shirts easy, fun and FREE. There’s no risk. No out-of-pocket costs. Ink to the People allows you to create custom graphics, determine the cost - then add a mark-up. That’s Moola. Dough. Cha-ching. In other words, profit for your pocket! To top it off, we do everything on the back end: process the orders, packing, individual shipping, the whole shebang. Start your campaign and be the champion of the cause.

All you need is an idea. Perhaps there’s a business, an event, a cause, or anything else that may benefit by having a t-shirt. There’s really no limit.

Just start by using the easy-to-use design tool. Our Ink Wizard walks you through the rest. You decide who sees your design. Choose to make it available to anyone and everyone, or to just your select group. Once your design is complete, it will appear in the Ink to the People Marketplace.

To increase your sales results substantially, share your design directly with the people that are most likely to buy one, the masses of friends in your social network! Once a certain number of pieces are sold (a minimum determined by you), the order is placed, printed and shipped.

Just sit back and wait for the money to roll in. And work on your next big selling shirt design, of course!


Our Services

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process where your design is made into stencils on a mesh fabric. Ink is forced through the mesh stencil onto the printing surface such as a shirt. It is ideal for printing a large quantity of a design with 1-12 colors. This method of printing has a long and interesting history, but more importantly, it is the best way to print t-shirts. Our top-of-the-line equipment is run by experienced professionals who care about the products they create for you.

The number of colors in your design and how many we are printing for you will determine if your order will be screen printed or digitally printed.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is just like a big inkjet printer. Your design is printed onto a shirt using water-based inks sprayed though the nozzles of the print heads. It is ideal for printing small quantities or full color designs. This method of printing is relatively new in the garment printing industry and we’ve been doing it since the beginning. It has found it’s place along side screen printing by offering stunningly photo realistic and full color imagery to be printed efficiently without the need for making screens.

The number of colors in your design and how many we are printing for you will determine if your order will be screen printed or digitally printed.

Custom Design

This is what our site is all about. It’s about you creating your own custom design and making a few bucks. In our Design Tool, you can start form scratch by adding something from our art library, add text and style it by selecting a font or changing it’s shape. Add a variety of of shapes. Change the colors of everything including the garment color. In fact, you have a catalog of thousands of garment styles to choose from. You can also create a design, using the software of your choice, and then upload it onto a garment, using the same Design Tool. How about a little of both? Of course! Upload a graphic and combine it with one from our library and add type too, if you’d like. We think it’s pretty darn awesome and we think you will too.


Our History

Ink to the People was started as a creative, social platform with a lofty objective: to provide a way to design custom t-shirts and sell them without risk, or even a single dollar needed. As champions of creative people everywhere, we also wanted the creator of a design to be able to profit from each piece sold!

Launched from within a "traditional" screen printing company, in business for more than twenty years, we constantly recognized strong ideas never seeing the light of day due to upfront costs, and the big unknown: Would it sell? Most people simply don’t have the resources to roll-the-dice on a design idea, just to see if there might be enough interest out there to make it a success. With that as our inspiration, we created Ink to the People.


Our Mission

Ink to the People is an environmentally and socially conscience company with its parent company’s roots dating back to 1990. Our production facility has been granted an SGP certification issued after achieving lofty goals of reducing and recycling throughout the organization and also following regulations with regards to employee safety and training.

Giving back is a very important component to our success with Ink to the People. We are grateful for all we have and the act of giving back is embedded in our genes. We have always wanted to do more, but we all know how challenging it can be with busy family life and work to fit in as much as you would like. We pledge to donate 10¢ for each shirt sold in each month, with a minimum amount of $500 designated to a select charity. Every month, there will be a new cause receiving this donation.

Ink to the People’s unique and proprietary platform allows individuals and organizations to create t-shirt fundraisers in minutes and without any risk. Non-profit organizations and the act of helping others is a difficult task so why not make it easier by removing the risk of unsold product. You can collect your net proceeds or profits after the end of the sale without investing anything but your time. Well, our site can start a fundraiser for your group and you can see t-shirt sales in minutes but it all depends on your committed supporters. Now go have some fun and start your next campaign.


Our Founders

Jay Berman

About Jay:

Todd Richheimer

About Todd: Todd’s passion has always been creating something new and innovative since he was a teen. Of course, thinking of something and actually taking action are completely different. He knew early on that he wanted to be in business, but at the time did not have any idea what field he would choose. After studying abroad in Israel and fundraising with a custom shirt built from the ground up, he realized this may be his calling. After returning back to the USA, he continued his interest with selling fraternities and sororities custom shirts and apparel. Soon after, a screen print and embroidery business was formed in 1990 with his brother-in-law Jay, and the rest is history. Though he is clearly the typical entrepreneur, Todd is first a husband and father.

"I am blessed to have a loving wife, Susan, and four amazing boys who keep me busy and so happy."

Being a part of INK and giving him the opportunity to not only build a new business model but to also reach out and help others is the perfect balance.

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