Giving Back

Giving back is a very important component to our success with Inktothepeople. We are grateful for all we have and the act of giving back is embedded in our genes. We have always wanted to do more, but we all know how challenging it can be with busy family life and work to fit in as much as you would like. We pledge to donate $.10 for each shirt sold in each month, with a minimum amount of $500 designated to a select charity. Every month, there will be a new cause receiving this donation.  

Chariites & Events

September 2013 - Make A Wish Foundation participates in INK's Give Back program

June 2013 - INK along with Emerson College Students; Nick, Chris and Lane deliver a check for almost $900,000 to the Mayor of Boston for the ONE FUND to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

May 2012 - We proudly support the JCC (Jewish Community Center) and KidShare.
May 2012 - Participant of Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk.
April 2012 - We proudly support Milwaukee Riverkeeper - Spring Cleanup Event.
April 2012 - Participant of Project Calumet Cleanup.
March 2012 - We proudly support WCI (Women's Charities Inc) and WCS (Women's Soccer Club).

Lean, mean, and many shades of green.

Here at INK, we strive to do our part for the environment: 

  • We only use non-phthalate inks.
  • We have a company-wide Reduce, Reuse, Recycle program.
  • Our lights automatically go out when we leave the room. (Unfortunately, the budget doesn't allow for The Clapper®).
  • All of the paper products we buy come from recycled materials.

We're still in the market for a solar-powered air hockey table. Until that day comes, foosball will have to do. At least it's off of the grid. Take that, Big Oil.


  • Major Project 2014
  • SK2014
  • Molly-licious
  • Atheist Mingle men's t-shirt
  • HLHRcavedog
  • Superpower
  • #TruvadaWhore
  • Eagle's Den Rescue
  • Atheist Mingle women's tank
  • svpbr
  • FragileX2014
  • The Olymphians
  • Heretic Honey Summer One LIMITED EDITION
  • AlwaysKissMeGoodnightTank
  • The FIX tee
  • Beat Breast Cancer
  • Alexis Howard Fund
  • teacher2teachers-i - FINALLL