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The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF) is dedicated to helping veterinarians create a healthier future for animals and you! Help share the love!

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The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF) would like to you to help Share the Love this month! PVF is dedicated to helping veterinarians create a healthier futures for animals and you! Proceeds will go to our community-based "The Last Chance Fund (TLC)" and "Henry's Helping Paws Fund." The Last Chance Fund provides much needed treatment for both owned and unowned pets through financial grants when limited or no financial means exist to pay for care. Veterinary practices can utilize these funds to help offset these expenses. Henry's Helping Paws Fund was launched as a partnership with Meals on Wheels. It provides pet food to senior citizens to feed their pets and allows them to care for their beloved companions by keeping them together. It is currently being utilized in Chester county, PA with plans to expand throughout the Commonwealth. We hope that you consider buying a t-shirt to help spread awareness and give more funds to these much needed programs. 


For more information, visit: www.pavetfoundation.org.

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