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Our Mission is to help families find affordable resources in their communities.

  All funds raised will go towards buying shoes for toddlers in need
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It is my pleasure to introduce to you my organization, KidzHelp. Our Mission is to help families find affordable resources in their communities. Our current focus is raising funds to get shoes for babies and toddlers in need.

The Facts: The 2016 Federal Poverty Income threshold is $20,020 for a family of 3 and 24,300 for a family of 4. This is used to determine the eligibility for Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance. Research shows on average families need an income of about twice that level just to cover basic expenses. 15 million children in the US - 21% of all children live in families with incomes below the Federal Poverty Income threshold. 

About me: After my second stillborn son in 2014 I decided in memory of both my passed sons I would do annual "random acts of kindness" and try to get as many people involved as I could. I was touched by how much we accomplished. While taking the Parent Leadership Training Institute course I decided to expand upon the idea of spreading kindness in our community. My husband works full time and I work part time until we can get our son in affordable day care (he's been on wait lists for a year). I've mastered cutting costs where we can. We have been lucky that so many moms gave us lots of useful things for our son. When he outgrew the baby shoes we received at his baby shower, I was shocked to discover his shoes cost a lot more than my own. I waited a few months till I found a pair on clearance. Within a month he outgrew those shoes as well. We were lucky then to get a few pairs from the Family Resource Center in our town. It was then I learned they struggled to meet the need for shoes for children in our community. So I would like to give back and raise money to give to the FRC to purchase shoes for these families in need. Later, I hope KidzHelp can help with more things from coats and gloves to park and museum passes. Spread the word. Spread kindness like confetti! 
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