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Smash the Patriarchy!

Support organizations that work to end sexual violence while showing your desire to end gendered oppression! 

  All funds raised will go towards The Center for Community Solutions and V-Day International
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We are the Velvet Furies - a group of strong, queer women who seek to stand up to the patriarchy with our art and voices. This year, we are organizing a performance of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues in our community.  


Amid all of the challenges that women and femmes face in this political climate, we knew that we had to do something - and this is just the beginning. 


All proceeds from the performance and the sale of these items will be donated to a local organization that provides services for survivors of sexual trauma and relationship violence, as well as to V-Day - an international organization that works to end violence against women and girls around the world through activism, advocacy, and raising awareness of gendered discrimination and violence. 


We hope that the simple design and message printed on these items will make a clear impression at the next protest you attend, or spark conversation in your everyday interactions.


Remember - there are many ways to work to smash an oppressive and pervasive system! Words, art, activism, advocacy, education, community building, direct action - what do you do to smash the patriarchy?



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