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Sticky Graphic Novels' T-Shirt Fundraiser!

Funds raised with this t-shirt will go to the creators of Sticky Graphic Novels while we seek a new hardcover publishing partner for our books.

  All funds raised will go towards All the creators of Sticky Graphic Novels
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Hi!  I am Dale Lazarov, writer, art director and licensor of Sticky Graphic Novels, an imprint for sex-positive, character-based gay graphic novels.  Our Sticky Graphic Novels fundraising t-shirt offering — named TURN THE PAGE — features art donated by the artists exclusively for this use.  It showcases how, imprint-wide, Sticky Graphic Novels makes an argument in visual rhetoric for a diversity of men and a diversity of art styles to show that guys kissing in comics is both necessary and compelling.


Why are we doing a crowdfunding t-shirt? The money this t-shirt will raise — $4000 if we sell 250 t-shirts -- will go to paying the creators of Sticky Graphic Novels while we seek a new hardcover publishing licensor for our books.  Also, we want to continue expanding beyond digital and hardcover publication, and this fundraising t-shirt project will show a potential production and distribution partner that there’s a market for merchandise based on our sweet and carnal gay sequential art that presents itself as comics rather than single-image t-shirts without the feel of a comics page.


Now, if you’d rather not buy a t-shirt but want to buy our comics in a manner that lets us keep most of the cover price, please buy digital editions of Sticky Graphic Novels at http://dale.gaycomics.me/ !


But t-shirts are cool :)

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