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a yelp for help

Don't shop adopt your pets, they shouldn't haft to yelp for help. I want to help those animals, but I can only do it with your help!

  All funds raised will go towards local shelters
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Everyone has a passion for something, one of mine is animals. My mom and our family dog sit/cat sit, we also have a dog of our own + two rabbits. I always want more animals to care for. I thought about the many pets who had been abandoned, rejected, or just not cared for. :( I then realized that I could do something about it! Mabey I couldn't care for all the animals in the world but I could start by donating some money to a local shelter! Most of the time these abandoned or lost animals need veterinary attention, so by giving you will be helping shelters find these animals, feeding them, give them vet check-ups, and finally find them forever homes! And just think you would be apart of that! They wouldn't haft to yelp for help anymore.       

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