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Adopting Baby Smith T-Shirts

Danny and Beth are in the process of adopting an infant from a local agency. However, adoption fees really add up. Please help be the village!

  All funds raised will go towards Adoption Agency Fees
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Full story

A parent is a protector, disciplinarian, and friend. A parent is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children, and after eight years of marriage, several years of infertility, and four fur babies, Danny and Beth Smith are ready to do just that.

Danny and Beth were married in 2010, and decided to start trying to conceive a child in 2012. After some time of trying (three years), and getting nowhere, they decided to see a doctor in hopes of getting some answers as to why they were unable to conceive. Once there, they learned that Danny has had a medical condition from birth, called Low T (Low Testosterone) that gives Danny a 1% chance of conceiving a biological child. 

After many months of deliberation, Danny and Beth decided to adopt a baby in hopes of growing their family. They researched adoption agencies and found one that seemed like a good fit. Unfortunately, things fell through when the agency was not upfront about the fees that would be required. Danny and Beth were notified that they would be required to pay $30,000 - $50,000 for the fees and paperwork, up front. They were devastated. 

They considered other options, and decided that they weren’t a good fit for their family. In the middle of 2018 a set of close friends announced their pregnancy of their second child. Danny started have strong feeling for the need and desire to grow Beth and his family with the addition of a child they could call their own. After some time praying and letting God  reach out to him, Danny finally came to Beth and said he was ready to move on to adoption. 

After the decision was made, they reached out to a family friend who was able to get them in touch with Christian Homes Adoption Agency. This agency has a wonderful track record of helping families out and making their dreams of being parents come true.

Now, here is the call to action. Danny and Beth need YOUR help! Adopting a child is expensive, and they can’t do it alone. There are significant administrative fees, a home study must be done, and various items this child will need. Danny and Beth thank you for taking your time to read their story, and are hopeful that they will reach their goal not only financially, but also to reach their goal of being the kind, supportive, and LOVING parents they’ve always dreamed of being!

It takes a village to raise a child!

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