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Ahmeds Dream shirts -2

By purchasing these shirts it will give you that constant reminder of the dream you are chasing or once have it also helps fund Ahmed’s funeral

  All funds raised will go towards Ahmed Shelton final expenses Heritage Funeral Services and Crematory
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Ahmed Matthew Shelton 36, of Norfolk Va. Born and raised in Lynchburg Va. was involved in a tragic accident involving a tractor trailer on I64 that resulted in Ahmeds Death on May 31st of this year............I will never forget that morning of the 1st receiving a phone call that my husband was taking when he bolted out the front door i do remember him saying something about state troopers and Ahmed i honestly did not know what to think maybe hes broken down somewhere or something..as i could see my husbands demeanor just go from worried to broken i could see his knees buckling and i could hear his loud breaths. i quickly ran outside with my two year old curiuos and saying whats going on guys! She gave me a little smile but i knew something was wrong...As hes talking on the phone hes making his way towards the driveway..Im right behind him but at this point it was the worst look ive seen in someones eyes.. He hung up the phone and i said please tell me whats going on, whats going on...he seemed as if he was gasping for air and i said Is someone dead His response was YES! I couldnt believe it everything just stopped all i could hear was my heart racing and i kept asking for my shoes....He started to tell me what he knew and that i needed to call the state troopers office for family notifications...One of the worst days of my life. 

There are people known as storm chasers but my brother was a dream chaser and pursued every dream that fell upon him. If it was realistic, a determining factor, that he was smart enough to make sense of things that was or was not. Ahmed really enjoyed the game of baseball and through many circumstances he would always find his way back to the diamond. For the love of the game came true friendships and relationships ahmed was able to unite with some great people. I know a lot of you are missing him as well as youre reading, Wear this shirt with pride, hang it on your wall. Dreams Big or small can be conquered if you just try. He always sold us (his siblings) dreams cause he wanted us to keep fighting for something. You never know someones journey would end so suddenly and right now this is something I have to fight for;I am making this fundraiser to help finish paying the remainder of his funeral expenses. Amen and God Bless to all that took the time to read this.

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