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Altis Volunteer Force - Beanie

Apparel designed for the men and women who fight for a free Altis under the Altis Volunteer Force.

  All funds raised will go towards Royal British Legion
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AEQUITAS - Justice - what the A.V.F strives to fight for - against ALL those who carelessly act against it.

LIBERATUS - Liberty - what every person on Altis should have, and what we desire to uphold against all those who try to dictate otherwise.

FRATERNITAS - Brotherhood - the bond that is formed in a group of like minded, passionate indivduals.

UNITATIS - Unity / Unite - what Altis needs to do to become a truly free and prosperus Island home. Unity starts with those who are willing to stand against oppression in every form it comes in.

This is what the men and women of the Altis Volunteer Force understand and feel strongly for. There will be no retreat, no surrdender against the forces that seek to harm or act in greed against the people of our home.

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