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Tshirts for Jamz

I'm trying to take my music up another level, and make something more of my talent, all money raised  will go towards better recording equipment 

  All funds raised will go towards Better recording equipment
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About me..

I have loved music  my whole life like a lot of folks, and like many I really enjoy my favorite songs, and it's even more enjoyable when I can learn how to play them! It's super fun especially when other people know them and can sing a long or just really get into it, JUST SO MUCH ENERGY! 

What I've really come to enjoy is writing my own music and sharing it with the people around me and I always feel so destined to expand my audience, what can I say? This is my passion.

Against The Elements-

Typical band name right? I came up with this name way back in 2010 when I was in High school,  I was sitting in this convenience store (where everyone hung out) and like always I was sketching in my notebookand came up with this logo, taking the form of the anarchy "A" combined with my favorite brand of Skate Shoes and the name blended with what Anarchy was to me (basically just being against something in general) and my favorite skateboard company, creating Against the Elements, the final moral of the name was, "No matter what odds were against me, I was going to keep pushing through everything to do something with what I now call my true passion... MUSIC!

I eventually had members join, and we had a lot of fun playing our little shows, we even hand made our merch to throw out to the audience couldnt afford to have tshirts made so invested in blank shirts, hats and sharpies even had a few friends make neon colored duct tape bracelets and once again I free handed everything on it, I have always put a lot of energy into this project, because I guess I know the heart of its potential.



When summer of 2012 hit, everyone was just about out of high school we all just went out separate ways, and I turned the light off for A.T.E..

Since then I have been involved in a few projects but nothing really stuck due to creative differences , and 2014 came a long and I stepped away from the idea of being in the music scene completely and I just wanted to focus on learning favorite songs and basically how to play my soul through sound...

5 years later 2019, I'm ready to get out there again, even if it's on my own, but not without my foundation "Against the Elements" I just feel like it didnt get the time in it deserved so here we are ready to turn it up once again!


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