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Autism Walk 2018

Join us as we walk for all children and families who live with Autism and the daily struggles of Acceptance and Understanding!! 

  All funds raised will go towards MMAC and Autism Walk-2018
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On October 16, 2007 my son Jelani was born through an Emergency C-section because the cord was wrapped around his neck.  I was only 32 weeks so the Drs had to scramble to save his Life.  Hours later I woke up and my son was born and in the NICU.  This tiny little baby boy only weighing 3lbs 2oz, strong and making sure he was going to be a Powerful Impression on this World.  To this day he never cease to amaze me.  Jelani was a Very vibrant little boy.  He reached all milestones, saying "MaMa" Smiling big, Responding to his name, Walking etc until the age of 18 months old........At the age of 18mths he begin to show signs of Autism after a week of a bad reaction to an MMR shot where he was sick and covered in what mimicked measles.  I was never introduced to Autism so I did not know what it was right away.  I thought my son could not hear, see, talk or understand anything anymore.  I was so distraught and didn't know what to do.  I was lost and very confused.  Nobody would help me, Drs wouldn't help me, Family and Friends couldn't help me.  I went on a quest to Help Myself!!  I was determined to give my life so my son would have the best quality of life no matter what it was.  After researching on my own I found the sypmtoms were Very similiar to Autism so I worked with him until someone would listen to me.  When he was 3 1/2 years old he was Officially Diagnosed with Autism.  Even though I knew deep in my heart all along, to get the final words was a difficult one.  Thank God I was already prepared to get up, become his advocate, his voice and fight for his life!! 


I Know that all families go through this exact same thing and most don't know where to go, what to ask or how to begin. I am a person who loves to help and share what I've learned. I love to support others in their journey as well. My mission is to provide resources and support to other famlies who have gone through and are still going through the same thing. 


Unfortunately they will not diagose your child earlier than 3 1/2 years old which causes a major delay in early intervention and development especially if you just don't know what to do. Because they did not diagnose my son he was not able to recieve Any State funded support and help so I had to do it all on my own.  We are a Military family so My husnad was away on a Year long tour in Iraq and I lived miles away from family and friends.  Going through this process alone was one of the most difficult Mountains Ive had to climb in my life.  I did tons and tons of research.  I learned on my own how to help my son.  Many Mothers and Fathers dont know where to go, where to start, and who to ask for help.  We tend to be helpless for just a brief moment. 


 My family decided to start a Foundation in Honor of Jelani that will help other families, parents and children through the World of Autism. MMAC "Mighty Messenger Autism Connection" is in Jelani's Honor.  His name Jelani D'Angelo means "Mighty Messenger".  Who would have known the cutest little baby boy, born too early who was the smallest baby Ive ever held that didn't talk until he was 5 years old would be named "Mighty Messenger"!!  We have a story to tell and so many lives to Help.


 Here is where we need your Support.....With MMAC I want to help other families by providing them with the tools needed to begin and continue on this journey with Autism.  I want to Empower Parents with the skills and confidence to help their child along the way when nobody else will.  Living with Autism is not easy but with the help and support of others who truly understand can and will make the Journey Great.


MMAC is participating in the Annual Autism Society Inland Empire walk that will take place on April 22, 2018.  Our goal is to raise $2000.00.  For each donation of $25.00 or more you will recieve a memorable T-shirt thats been specially made with Jelani as your "Super Hero".  I will aslo send you a Special Certificate from our Foundation thanking and appreciating you for your continued support.





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