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We hope to one day be known as Mom & Dad, until then we Fight our Battle with Infertility.  

  All funds raised will go towards IVF Treatments, Appointments, Medications
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As most of you know we are Infertility Warriors. My husband and I have tried for about 10 years to become parents. Unfortunatley due to a medical condition of my own, we have been left with no other option than IVF. 

For those who have followed us in Novemeber of 2018 we had round 1. Out of pocket we paid 26k dollars. How? Our car was only 13k! Well we took out a 2nd mortgage and borrowed a medical loan from the bank. 

We were so excited, this was it. We were going to be parents. Day after Day I injected myself with hormones and ovarian stimulants in my abdomen in hopes to force my body to grow embryos. These injections rendered me unable to move at times, depressed from the weight gain and physical pain that reminded me that I was broken as a womnen. The day came to retrieve our eggs, and although in pain we were over the moon. 

We retrieved 11 embryos, and all fertilized. 3 days later we got the call that 9 died, in just 3 days. We had 2 litttle fighters left, and they were to be sent for genetic testing. Those were the hardest 10 days, just before christmas we were told that those 2 little embryos although not more than a cell were baby girls, but were genetically abnormal. They would not survive a preganancy. 


How were we to try again, we didnt have any funds left. 

So we thought long and hard and decided to save. We saved our tax refund, we saved our christmas bonuses, we took from our Retrierment. We wanted this so bad, it didnt matter how we did it, we needed to try again. So in April 2019 we paid for another round, with the help of friends and family donations and fundraisers we had another shot. 

Again I suffered through injections, pain and sleepless nights. We then were staring at another Retrieval Day. I was so scared of the What if's, the possible repeat of our first round. To our suprise we retrieved 23 embryos. YES 23! Out of those 19 fertilized, after genteic testing we have 7 Embies. 

I still am in awe. I cant wrap my mind around the fact I have 7 babies in a cooler at a lab, just waiting to be born. Now the next steps are cruicle, I have to take more injections, and medications to help the embryo stick. Our transfer is set for July 5th. However the medications, appointments and scans are costly and necessary to ensure a viable preganancy. 

We are out of funds. We need your help. If you can share this with friends and family you can help us through this last mile in achieving our dream of becoming parents. 

I chose this quote because over the years I was asked "Why dont I want kids?" "When are you getting preganant?" "When will you give your husband a baby?" and everytime I felt as f I was kicked in the stomach. This was not a choice, we wanted too, we tried, but we couldn't. Choosing your words wisley can go a long way.

Be Kind to others because you never know what they are going through.

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