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Being Ignored

Campaign set up by Action Iowa, but it’s selling at-cost. Check out all the color/style options and wear this when speaking with your reps.

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As we head toward mid-terms, we need to turn the conversation toward what is really happening in both the Iowa Legislature, and in DC. The GOP is ignoring their constituents. Funding Planned Parenthood, the tax bill, the health care bill, common sense gun control, funding public schools, collective bargaining, and on and on. They are not just ignoring Democrats, they are ignoring all Iowans in favor of their wealthy donors, ALEC, and their party leaders.

Let’s start telling the world about this and drive the conversation through November.

The idea behind the shirts is to wear them everywhere, especially if you will be seeing your legislators as part of their Saturday morning events and at the capitol.

The white square behind the text will make the message instantly recognizable from across the room, while allowing people to pick the colors they like.

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