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brAVERI - Drinkware

Our sweet Averi is fighting a rare form of sarcoma cancer. Wear your support!

  All funds raised will go towards Medical Expenses
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Full story

Averi fell at the school playground earlier this year and landed on her hip. A bump appeared, but never went away. After months of visits, tests and so forth surgery was the next option. After surgery we were informed that it appeared to be cancer and after extensive pathology testing it was diagnosed as a rare form of sarcoma.

Averi asked if we would make shirts like other friends she knew who had battled severe illnesses. We agreed with no idea what to put on them as a design. A few weeks passed and then the idea came!

One evening after a visit to the hospital we began unpacking a support bag provided. Inside was a mask with the word BRAVERY on it. As it lay on the counter, the words transformed: brAVERI. It symbolized everything about her personality and character, the spirit needed for us all to take on what lies ahead.

The sunflower is a symbol of sarcoma awareness. Averi loves rainbows and it was imperative that we found a way to include it in the design. The rainbow represents her spirit of goodness and hope. We are team brAVERI!

Follow our journey as Team brAVERI:

*Logo designed by Averi's Uncle Duss

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