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Breast Cancer Is A Drag! But I Love You Every Day Even More Than The Last!

Breast cancer has tooken the lives of so many people... Even my aunt Sheena. And now my older sister has contracted the diseases...

  All funds raised will go towards treatment and family expenses
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It has been hard to watch my aunt go due to breast cancer. She was always there for me helping me out with homework and playing games with me when i was little! Me, my sister and my mom moved away to a different city but that didn't stop my aunt from travelling to come see us or calling to check up on us! Me and my family was so devastated when we got the call that aunt Sheena had died... It broke my heart, though she could be real annoying at times(LOL). I really miss her poping up out of the blue as if she was stalking me, always asking me if i needed help with something or cheering me on during sports events and always letting me stay up at night for a few more hours and letting me have a extra bowl of ice cream! It really felt as if i had two mothers who loved me growing up because aunt Sheena was always there looking out for me! It was really hard for me to lose my aunt and now my sister Vicky has contracted the diseases... We are lucky that the cancer was caught early but we are not out of the wind let. I hope all goes well with my sister! I do not want to lose another person i love to this monstrous diseases! To my aunt Sheena you will be missed and never forgotten! I LOVE YOU EVERY DAY EVEN MORE THAN THE LAST AUNT SHEENA!

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