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Building a Better Future

We can do anything! This campaign is about honestly believing in being able to accomplish anything we put our minds to. 

  All funds raised will go towards Building Materials
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When our children (twins) spent nearly 2 months in the NICU after being born at 31 weeks we didn't ask for help. When we had to sell our home because our jobs had to cut us back we didn't ask for help. When we were unemployed and couldn't pay the bills we didn't ask for help. We always found a way to get on to the next minute, the next hour, and then the next day. If someone has ever asked us for a hand or a couple dollars we were the first to give whatever we had. Those things will never change. Now nearly 2 years after the children were born we finally want something enough to ask. We want to start building homes for those that need them. Starting with our Children. Then with other families that have been through it and didn't ask. Being a hard worker means there are NO programs to help you. The answer is always to take out a loan because you can. No food stamps when we couldn't afford food. No new shoes when our soles were falling off. I don't know if this website will work or not. But if we don't try we will always wonder. If we can raise enough we can do it. One board at a time. Remember one Piece of Siding Costs about $15. That is more than we will make on the sale of 1 ITEM. It will take a village to get this done. And hopefully we get to do for others what no one has been able to do for us. So heres hoping for a little help. I know the amount is steep, but we have to pay the taxes on any gifts received. That is the way of our world.

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