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The sale of this T-shirt supports The TJ Project that provide a center that offer free care, education and love for less fortunate children in Liberia

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In 2016 a conversation between Dorris and her six-year-old boy Tarnue Talawally commonly known as TJ, prompted a deep sense of humanity for less fortunate children and sparked a global movement called “The TJ Project”.

TJ had dream of supporting poor and less privileged children through a center that provides safe place for fun, education, and love for less privileged children in Africa. When his Mother asked him what he wants to do in life, TJ responded, “…to build a center for my friends in Africa to go to school …and play with them…” TJ is a young social Activist and entrepreneur who envisaged a just and safe world for every child. TJ believes that all children deserves the support they need to play, grow healthily and be loved.


The Mission of The TJ project is to establish a center that offer free care, education, and fun for less fortunate kids



Life in Africa is a struggle for anyone, but the life of a child is even harder. Imagine, growing up in a world where you lack the very basics in life, food, clean water, medicine, shelter, safety, a bed of your own. Beyond that, there are no toys, no dolls, no soccer balls, no sweets and treats, at best, a bed of reeds to sleep on. School would be wonderful to attend, the path out of poverty, but there is no money for school fees, so you stay home and wait for a miracle, but for most there is none, life is simply survival, staying alive. Many children in Africa are less fortunate as they lack the support they need to cultivate their full potentials and a safe place to explore their happiness.



The TJ Project will be located in Liberia, West Africa.


For as long as anyone can remember, the people of Liberia have been suffering from some of the worst hardships ever-imaginable including the recent Ebola Virus Disease that devastated the country and left bulk of  children orphaned, traumatized, and venerable with its precarious humanitarian situations.

Moreover, extreme poverty in Liberia continues to impede most homes from educating their children and bulk of the children are use as bread winners for their families. They live under stress, trauma, feel alone, and the daily threat of abuses.



The TJ Project will establish a center – that provides free care, education, and fun for these children to live happily, grow healthy, safe, and cultivate their full potentials.


 WHEN? Pending funding, the project start date is in 2018.


More information? Please contact Us: thetjcenter@gmail.com


We are looking for volunteers to join us in putting smiles on the faces of poor and less fortunate children in Liberia where life is a complete misery among children.



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