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Hi everyone! I'm Jorie (aka Jordan). I have lived with chronic migraines since a very young age. On the outside I seem fine most of the time, but I deal with this painful demon everyday; if not physically, then mentally. It has taken away such a large part of my life. I try to find the blessing in disguise each day and transmute my pain into something more than suffering. Migraines have taught me so much about life. It can be a challenge to push through, but I will never allow my migraines to define me.


Migraines are one of the most medically misunderstood illnesses in the world; doctors aren't 100% sure what causes them, which makes treatment difficult and unique to each individual. They are classified as a neurological disease, and therefore are MUCH more than a simple headache; they incorporate several more painful, disorienting symptoms such as nausea, aphasia, light & sound sensitivity, and can even cause a stroke. MIgraine disorders have been listed as the 6th most disabling illness to live with and one of the most prevalent with 1 in 10 people suffering worldwide. 113 million work days are lost per year as a result of employee migraine disability, with 91% of sufferers missing work due to disability.


In addition, migraines are one of the most underfunded illnesses out there. On average in the US, only about $0.10 per migraine patient goes toward medical research and treatment. Ten cents!! I want to work to make that number much higher and someday find a cure to this monster.


Thank you for donating by purchasing one of my t-shirt designs! All proceeds will benefit the National Migraine Research Foundation.


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