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ConnerSTRONG Warrior Girls

My eight year old nephew was recently diagnised with Medulloblastoma.  Please consider helping with expenses for the long road ahead.  

  All funds raised will go towards helping with the ever increasing costs.
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On February 18, 2019 Conner was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a malignant tumor in his brain and spinal chord.  The next day he underwent a 10-hour surgery to remove the tumor. The weeks prior to the diagnoses were filled with increased nausea, headaches, and malaise. On February 7, our first appointment with neurology, the thought was that he had stomach migraines which creates the same symptoms. We started a medicine for the migraines but it didn't end up helping. Our neurologist scheduled an MRI but Conner couldn't get in right away. February 16th he threw up blood during a nauseous episode. Unsure what to do on the weekend, we called to our neurologist. The on-call neurologist said to watch it and to stop the Ibruprofen we were giving in case that was irritating his stomach. Monday, we couldn't take seeing him like that anymore. Something else had to be going on. We took him to our local hospital. Instead of the CT scan we opted for an MRI in Wausau. We then drove there and after an MRI were told it was a tumor. Devastating.

Conner was taken by ambulance to UW Health in Madison, an AMAZING hospital, with surgery to follow the next day. We're so lucky to have had the best surgeon who works on cases like his every day! He removed the brain tumor but, unfortunately, a full head/spinal chord MRI showed that the malignant tumor had spread down his spinal chord. The current plan is that once he's recovered from the surgery (still in PICU) and completes rehabilitation, he'll need to undergo weeks of chemotherapy treatment known as Head Start 4.  First, he would need stem cells harvested and stored. Then he'd undergo intense chemotherapy in the hospital for two weeks, off a week, on two weeks, off a week, on two weeks--replacing his stem cells once complete (which will also need a recovery period). 

We're holding strong, alternating caring for Conner and spending time with our 10-year-old daughter--taking it day-by-day. 
We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

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