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Dash's Kneecap Surgeries

Do your part and help raise money for Dash's Kneecap Surgeries.

  All funds raised will go towards Dash's Kneecap Surgeries
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Dash was born with detached kneecaps. The grooves in his knees did not fully form, so the surgeon will have to create new grooves in which his kneecaps will fit into. His right kneecap is the worst, but he will have to have surgery on his left kneecap down the road. Also, Dr. Lewis will have to repair his right hip because it's contributing to his kneecap issue. Unfortunately, he needs the aid of an orthopedic surgeon, which is very costly. I'm starting this fundraiser to help alleviate the cost of the surgery. The first surgery will take place on June 19, 2018. Dash is in pain, but he's a trooper. 

The effect of the kneecap problem started about a month ago. Dash started to jump on my bed, which he has done a 1,000 times with ease. He started screaming and wouldn't stop. I got down on the carpet with him and could see he was holding his back right leg up. I began to rub it, and when I did that, he looked up at me with his beautiful brown eyes and started kissing my face. I knew it made him feel better. I got him up, but he was limping. The next morning I called his vet. I got him in to see Dr. Morrison that afternoon. He said that Dash's right kneecap was partially detached. He scheduled him for x-rays on Monday, April 30, 2018. The x-rays revealed that both of his back legs have partially detached kneecaps. 

Currently, Dash is taking Deramaxx to help with the pain and inflammation. However, he continues to struggle. He will be walking, and suddenly he falls to the floor because the right kneecap pops off. I have to force him up, so it will pop back on. Dash is so brave. His sweet disposition has not faltered.

As you all know, Dash is my world. His love healed my heart after my last black lab, Darby,  passed away. I have never had such a loving and caring black lab before. His smile melts my heart. I love him more than words can express. Dash is my whole heart! I know some people say, "it's just a dog.", but to me he is family. And I would do anything to help a family member get well.

He's 16 months old, so he has a lot of life and plays in him. I can't wait to see him running around the yard again. Thank you for contributing to my sweet Dash. Your love and support mean everything to Dash and me.

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