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Quick Note: Anyone can use INK to fundraise. You don't have to be a charity or organization!


Accepted file types: jpg, png, bmp
Maximum file size: 10 MB
Tip: When uploading a file, make sure that the background is transparent. Also, make your document size the same size as your art. So, no empty space on any side.

Need Help?
Email us the file and we will get it ready for you to use.

Please Note! Any design you submit must be one that you created, or you must have the legal right to use it. You may not use material owned by others unless you have their permission. Also, your design must not be offensive, obscene, defamatory or discriminatory. We reserve the right to reject any order. If someone makes a claim against us because of your design, you agree to pay for any loss we suffer as a result, including our legal expenses.



I am not a designer. Can you do it for me?

You bet, just contact our fabulous Customer Service Department and let us know what you need. The more direction you can give us, the better our designers will be able to create something which fits your needs. This service is free, although too many changes could result in a fee but only after it is discussed.

How do I use the Design Tool?

We’ve gone to great lengths to make our design tool fun & intuitive. Give it a whirl by clicking on “CREATE” at the top of the page and let us know what you think. When you initially land on this page, you begin with a nice Gildan White Short Sleeve T-shirt, but you can easily change this item towards the bottom right buttons. You will see all of the other great styles and colors to choose from.

Do I need an account to use the Design Tool?

Nope. Just dive right in. You don't need an account until you want to save your design, or upload an image. Once you are ready to save and or move to the campaign creation, you will need to create a very simple account.

Can I print on more than one kind/color of garment per design?

You sure can! Just make sure your design will look good on all of those garments. So if your design is black, you may not want to choose black garments.


What brands do you offer?

We have the most popular brands, from basic to high quality garments:


Bella + Canvas


LAT Sportwear / Rabbit Skins

Augusta Sportwear


Bayside USA


Next Level

If you don't see what you are looking for, please email us so we can add the item or find an altenative for you.


What print process do you use?

When a campaign launches, we have our minimum quantity to print at 6 once the campaign ends, therefore small orders will be directed to our Kornit digital printer. We are able to print all colors and we prefer 100% cotton items as well for superior quality. Once your campaign has sold over 24 pieces, we will then move it to our screen printing area to achieve the lowest cost allowing us to lower your costs and therefore you earning more per shirt. The only time digital printing is used on larger campaigns is when the artwork full color or photographic.

Do you print copyrighted material?

If you own the copyrighted material, or have a license for it, we will print it. Otherwise we won’t. We trust when you upload artwork that you own the rights to it which follows our Terms of Use.

How do I upload my own art?

At the top of the page click on “START A FUNDRAISER”. Then, on the right side of the page, click on “Upload”. Hit the “My Computer” button to locate your file. If you are returning and have uploaded artwork, select "My Images". If you encounter any issues, you can email your file to: [email protected] . 

Can I request a specific piece of clip art?

Sure, let us know what you need. We’re here to help.

Can I request a specific font?

Of course! If it is free to be used commercially, we can upload any font for you to use.

How big can my design be?

Typically, the imprintable area on Unisex shirts is 14” wide by 14” tall, Ladies & Youth shirts is 10” wide by 10” tall and Toddler & Infant shirts is 6” wide by 6” tall.

Do you offer over-sized or all-over printing?

We do, but not using the services through the website, not yet anyway. Please contact our Customer Service Department and let them know you would like to have something printed very large.

What is the difference between Raster Art and Vector Art?

A raster-based image uses pixels to create the image. If you zoom into the image, you will see the pixels (the jagged squares). A vector image uses mathematics or “curves” to create it’s image. Zooming into the edges within a vector file you will not see jagged squares. No matter how far you zoom in or enlarge the art, the edges will be clean and smooth. Typically, photos are raster and logos are vector. However, many logos are rasterized, such as logos on a web site.

What resolution does my design need to be?

If you are uploading raster-based art, you will need to make sure that the quality of it is high enough to print clearly. Your design should be scaled to the exact size you want it to print, and then set to 200 dpi (dots per inch).

How do I find out the resolution of my art?

f you are using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, from the top menu - Image > Image Settings.
If you are using Microsoft Paint, from the top menu - Image > Attributes.
If you are using Corel Painter, from the menu Canvas > Resize.
Even though iPhoto has some editing tools, it does not allow you to check or change the resolution. The resolution was determined by your camera when you took the photo.

Will my design be centered?

If you create your design with it placed generally in the center of the shirt, we will print it in the center. If you design it so that you only want a small print, say a company logo, on the Left Chest, we will understand that you want it printed on the left chest, like a badge over the heart. If you have a concern, you can Contact us.

How will my design look on other sizes?

The visual representation in our Design Tool shows you what your art will look like on an average sized shirt. You can expect that your design will “appear” larger on an XSmall compared to a 2XLarge.

Who keeps the copyright to my design?

You do! We don’t claim any ownership to your artwork.


What happens if my campaign meets its minimum?

Once your campaign is successful, meaning that you have met your minimum quantity by your date, we kick it into gear. We order your blank product, print your design on it, ship it to your customers, collect their payments. Most importantly, within 1-2 weeks, we send your proceeds with the method chosen during the campaign process. If you meet your goal earlier than you initial date, it will not go to print until the sale has ended. We do this because it is cheaper for us to print everything at once, which means you can raise the most amount of money for your cause. You can always contact us if you would like change the date.

What happens if my campaign doesn’t meet its minimum?

We have set a bare minimum quantity when you set your price and it is clearly mentioned for your supporters as well. Once you meet that minimum, even if you don't meet your sales goal, your design will print. The only time your sale will end unsucessfully is when that minimum number of shirts is not met. All transactions will be refunded.

What factors impact my pricing?

Your base costs are determined by how expensive the blank garment is. Dark garments cost more than lights ones. The number of colors in your design also affects cost. Obviously, a front and back imprint will be more expensive than just a front imprint.

How do I reduce my costs?

There are variety of ways: use a basic brand white shirt, create a 1 color design, or only print in 1 location. The biggest factor in your price is whether you print front and back or just one side.

Can I repost my design?

We encourage it!

Why do I need to choose a fundraising goal?

Setting a fundraising goal will encourage your supporters to hit that goal. It gives them a target to shoot for and gives them a great sense of satisfaction to hit that goal.

Why do I need to select a deadline date?

A deadline is required so that your customers have time to place an order and meet your goal. We recommend 14 days for the length of your campaign so your supporters receive their shirts within the month.

What if I need to cancel or revise a campaign that is live?

Once your campaign goes live, you will not be able to make changes. You can always have us make corrections by contacting our Customer Service Department. We can only make changes to your art if it doesn’t significantly change the appearance of the original design and if it doesn’t change the pricing (ex. adding an extra color or location). We can only cancel your campaign if no one has agreed to buy one. Our Customer Service Department can help you with that as well.

When will I receive my funds?

If your campaign was successful, we will send your funds within 1-2 weeks after the campaign ending date. Please note, however, that if you are the recipient of the funds and they are $600 or more, payment will not be made until we receive a completed IRS Form. Alternatively, if your total funds earned are less than $25, we would prefer to send the proceeds via PayPal versus a check. This method is also much faster on the receiving end for you.

If I am not a registered non-profit, and I raised over $600, do I need to complete an IRS Form W-9 and will Ink to the People file Form 1099-MISC with the IRS?

Yes, you must complete IRS Form W-9 and provide it to us. In addition, we will file Form 1099-MISC with the IRS and will provide a copy to you. Applicable law requires us to report calendar year payments of $600 or more of profits to a recipient to the IRS. Such payments will be reported by us in Box 3 of Form 1099-MISC. You should consult with and must rely on your own tax advisor in determining the proper tax treatment of amounts to you by us on Form 1099-MISC. Download IRS Form W-9, fill it out and send it back to us in an email message. This will help expedite the process of receiving your profits.

Is it FREE to launch campaigns?

Yes, there are no out-of-pocket costs.

It’s Easy and Hassle Free. Start Fundraising Today!


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