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Faith, Hope, See

Proceeds from this tee will go to my father, who has undergone extensive surgeries for a life-threatening accident, and lost all of his possessions.

  All funds raised will go towards helping my dad
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In order to find the beauty in one’s self you have to understand one’s true identity. To put it another way knowing who you are, what you want and where you are going in life. Having said that you will never lose your way in life. Why? Because first of all, when someone tries to indicate you as a malfunction, it won’t affect you because you have morals. Secondly, you know what you seek. For instance you have dreams and goals you set out for yourself, this will empower you as a human being. Thirdly, in conclusion if what you know and want for yourself is righteous then there is no way on earth or heaven that you’re going on the wrong path. Above all, it seems pertinent to remember that nobody said it's easy, no one said you have to be perfect. It takes a step at a time all you have to do is try. All things considered, it seems reasonable to start with a whisper, then a normal level voice, hence forth a shout!


My name is Grace Morisho, I am 22 years, I go to college at HCC, and also a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Since I was young, I’ve known my dad to be the source of support, whether we needed clothes, food, college tuitions, pay rent or do music. He gave me and my siblings whatever support we needed to achieve our goals to be singers or rappers even dancers. My dad’s dreams were to give us the best life possible, for us to become anything big and not less.


I always believed myself to be a dynamic object created by God. I always think about what I desired but never really made up my mind. I hoped for a more suitable life, nonetheless it's as unfortunate and saddening as ever. Occasionally things didn’t go as I had formulated in my mind, it is the most saddening thing to have happened to a wanna be motivated kid like myself. It seemed as if my dreams and faith had shattered into small pieces and vanished before I could even fix it. Well, because it actually did. But it's not the end of the world as long as i’m still living. Or maybe all these troubles are supposed to make me weaker, instead I’m only getting strong. With lose of hope I am left in despair. I see no one.


My Father’s name is Saleh Morisho Senior, born in Congo Kinshasa in 1958 of January 1st. He always had the talent for business. His father Mr. Morisho was also a businessman who owned stores in Congo. My father went to school at Saint Louis Institute but graduated at Institude Professionale De Kindu for mechanic. After college he went on doing antique business in Burundi. He continued in the same business for years, traveling to Tanzania, Nairobi, Zambia, South Africa. Suddenly, the business began to crumble as the countries began to experience civil war which started in Burundi. That formulated to poor sales and demands in business, because of the economy hardships. That's why we fled to Zimbabwe and then got resettled to the United States. 


As we arrived to the United States on June 19th, 2006, my father found a job at Hilton Garden Inn, and worked there for six years, saving and buying electronics devices. He resumed working very hard and buying those electronics, until he had enough to sell back, but he decided to go back to Africa in Zambia and sold so much goods and made $38,000 in estimation. He went on in Tanzania, there he had a huge accident, that involved three big trucks and the bus that he was in with 29 passengers that were found dead, headless bodies, and a few who were injured. He was unconscious and couldn’t move his body. All his money, and expensive merchandise he valued got stolen, and some of the other goods broke and scattered from one place to another due to the movement of the crush. 


Promptly, he was rescued and taken to the hospital as one of the survival, there the doctors checked him and find out that he had a dislocated bones on legs and armies, such a tragedy. He had no money to be hospitalized, everything he had got stolen and some were destroyed, excluding his passport that he had kept in his inner jeans pocket. Luckily he had friends who resided to the next village, in the region of Iringa. He asked one of the police officer’s phone and used it to call some of his friends and his former business partner, who then came later and helped him to be hospitalized to the biggest hospital in the capital city of Tanzania. Some of his containers that he had sent before the accident, were stopped in the way and stored into the transit center due to some nonpayment fees, before they arrived to their destination, but his partner helped him by paying every payment as soon as possible for the containers to arrive to their destination. Instead of helping him get back on his feet, they were plotting to sell his belongings and split them amongst themselves. When my father had found out, he decided to sell his pathfinder for any amount. He settled for $15,000, to top it off he sold it as a flex pay…. Never got the Full amount nor does he know where his containers ended up. Total of $50.000 gone in water like ashes  of a dead man spread in an ocean.


My father had some emergency merchandises that he had trusted his business partner with, the man who had stood by him while he was lying ill in the hospital. They agreed that he would sell the goods and keep some money for his family for food and shelter. The rest he would give to my dad as a share. However since the year of 2014 he had only sent $1,000, its been three years now we haven't heard from him. Daddy did have leg surgery but they had to leave in some screws to hold his bone fractures together and he has a limp in his leg but thank God he is doing much better. A bit health problem here and there but that's okay. He plans to go back to get second surgery for his arm also because of the pain he takes medications as administered by the physician.


My dad has faith in God, he hopes God will shower him with more opportunities. We wait to see whats next. This is the reason that I make my shirts to help him get back to doing what he loves and to finish what he started. Now, I can not speak for the majority, but I live in the age where I sometimes feel like I can't make many decisions. So when I do I’ll make sure it's a DAMN good one!



Grace Morisho.

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