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Feminist AF Men

75% of all profits go directly to Planned Parenthood.  The remaining money will be reinvested in marketing to get the word out.

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On January 21st, I needed a shirt for the Women's March in Austin.  I didn't plan ahead!  But I wanted to represent.  I grabbed my Cricut and a can of black spray paint and made a shirt that said FEMINIST in bold right across the front.

I looked at it and I thought - well duh!  Of course I'm a feminist.  I'm a woman.  I'm going to a women's march.  


I added AF and suddenly it felt right.  Empowered, decisive & passionate.  I sprayed it up and headed out.  


One woman in her early 20s came up to me and said "Hell YEAH!" People dug it.  Then the march was over and I went to the grocery store, the gas station, a restaurant and people - men & women old and young - came up to me, said "I love your shirt" and started talking politics.


My friends who saw my shirt on social media asked if I could make them one.  Light Bulb!  I realized I could make the shirt to raise money for Planned Parenthood.  Every single dollar that is profit goes to Planned Parenthood.  


Once I got a campaign up, my guy friends were asking where their shirts were.  I was OVERJOYED!  How LUCKY are we to have strong men in our lives who define themselves as feminists too?  We're all in this together.


When my little girls asked what AF stood for I told them - Always and Forever.  Which is exactly the spirit of what we're trying to say.

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