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Fight Fake News USA

We're Fight Fake News USA's fund-raising store. Thanks for shopping our online store because wearing our message is the best way to show your support!

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We launched Fight Fake News USA with you in mind.  When the Fake News broadcasts falsehoods disigned to divide us, America gets swindled - and the Fake News gets rich!


Fight Fake News USA is here to unite and give voice to Americans who are tired of seeing their values, traditions, rights, and aspirations for our great nation trampled by the ruthlessly dishonest Fake News Media and their power-addicted politicain accomplices in Washington, D.C.


We are facing a crisis, but your purchase will help solve the Fake News Media's addiction to their "lie-and-divide" business model by funding outreach campaings in educational institutions, funding the work with our partners to develop technological solutions, funding the launch of the Fight Fake News USA Channel, and by suporting the development of innovative 21st century legislation to solve the problem of media distortion in the hyperconnected age. 


We cannot continue our work without your help.


The Fake News Media attacks in real-time and has seemingly limitless funding.  We don't take corporate fat-cat donations or money from special interest groups.


We desperately need your help because we are 100% patriot-powered by everday Americans just like you who understand the threat of the Fake News and the need to take immediate action.


Do you remember those times you watched the Fake News create a social disaster right before your eyes and you wished there was something you could do about it?


This is your chance to do something!


With the 2018 mid-term elections quickly approaching in November, and the Fake News hurrying every day to publish their divisive agenda, the timing of your purchase - and the support you show Fight Fake News USA - couldn't be more urgent. 


Please enjoy browsing our store. When you do make a selection, you can rest assured that your trust is well-placed and your support is funding our ability to destroy the Fake News Media's capacity to sabatoge our future!

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