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Keep Bella Safe

Bella said who hurt her to several people. But the right people who can help her are not listening. Help us protect Bella. We need a lawyer.

  All funds raised will go towards Legal Costs
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There are videos where you see Bella emerge from the car upon her return. She runs from the car and to me. Sad, afraid, hurt. In these videos she says who hurts her. Unprovoked.

There is an audio tape of her talking to me on the phone and she is attacked while I am on the other end. I can't help her. She is screaming who hurt her. I am helpless. I call the police. They can't find her. She came home with contusions and what looked like cuts the next day. No one in the judicial system helped her. Not one. 

Bella said the qoute on the shirts when someone had been mean to our family. So since select people in the judicial system are ignoring her voice, I decided to give her voice life. Because Bella deserves safety. Not fear of her next visit. Not pleas to make this her last one or ask why she has to go nor hiding the bruises from the previous visit. Bella deserves nothing less than peace, love and protection.

We need your help.

Bella's fifth birthday is June 28th. She's been living this roller coaster since 15 months. Lets give her the gift of safety. Please buy a product so I can get a lawyer to protect Bella. He agreed to sole custody but the visits are unsupervised and still that person is not getting help nor being held responsible.

I can't do this alone. I need your help. My disability does not allow me to work. I have gotten this far being my own lawyer, but now we really need help.

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