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Fundraise for anyone on Ink to the People with a great design on shirts and more. Not only can you sell products, you can also collect additional DONATIONS all on Ink without using sites like gofundme.

We give you the power to do it all without any upfront costs.


Your supporters will LOVE helping you and receive something in exchange.



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Creating a fundraising campaign looks something like this…


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Use our clipart, fonts or design templates.Have your own art? Upload it!
Still stuck? Submit a Design Request.

Select Products &
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T-Shirts are just the beginning! Select up to 12 colors and garments from a wide variety of basic and premium apparel. 


You’re in control! Set your selling price, see how much you earn, then choose your production method – Standard or On-Demand.


Share your story

Give your fundraiser a title, and tell everyone what motivated you to launch a fundraising campaign. Set a timeframe and share who or what you're raising money for. You can raise funds for ANYONE and ANYTHING! You're in control.

Spread the Word

Promote, Promote, PROMOTE! Share your custom URL with family, friends, and supporters so they can purchase your design and support your fundraiser. They can also give additional donations, just like Go Fund Me! Promote your campaign! It is the key to success.

Collect Funds Raised

At the end of your campaign, we'll send you (PayPal account preferred) all the funds raised from your sales and any additional donations (again, just like Go Fund Me)!

It’s that awesome!

Launch your custom design and start raising money today!

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