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Greyson's Gains Funds

Help Greyson by raising the funds that he needs to keep improving his quality of life in honor of Pediatric Stroke Awareness month.

  All funds raised will go towards Greyson
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Greyson is a 4 year old sweet, caring, fun loving boy who has Cerebral Palsy.  His CP was caused by a stroke in utero that took place before he was even born with a brain hemorrhage wiping out the majority of his cerebellum.  This has affected his coordination and balance.  He can now walk and talk, but still struggles with long distance walking and other gross and fine motor skills.  He is only receiving school therapy at this time (PT, OT, Speech, and Adaptive PE) in the school and will lose services every summer. Once a year he needs new orthoics.  We are currently trying to get him an adaptive stroller.  He will need a new walker in the upcoming years.  We would love to be able to send him to get summer services to keep his progress going.  Greyson is still in diapers at the age of almost 5.  You can imagine the expense it cost us having 2 in diapers which our insurance doesn't cover.  Our insurance covers most of the things he needs, but deductibles come into play and even at 20% at our expense items and services are really expensive.  

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