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Helping Hands

Help send Caroline to the Jungle to learn how to live and share a self-susitatinable life! 

  All funds raised will go towards Sending Caroline To Kalu Yala to Work
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Helping Hands


         Good day my incredible friends and family! I am beyond excited to share with all of you that I have been accepted into the Kalu Yala internship beginning this September! I will be traveling to the Tres Brazos Valley in Panama about 50 miles away from Panama City, Panama in the beautiful jungle of Central America. I have been chosen to go down there and work and study with a team to create/continue an ecofriendly and sustainable community.




·      Where I am going:

- Tres Brazos Valley in Panama

·      What I am doing there:

- Working with a team to continue and add to the ecofriendly and sustainable community. Learning how to create projects to continue the growth of Kalu Yala

·      Why I want to go work for Kalu Yala:

1.    Culture/ Travel

- My love of travel and culture being completely immersed by living in another country of 3 months

2.   Feeding Myself

- Fully giving into my heart’s true wants and allowing myself to grow in a new way.

3.   Foundation to build My Life Plan

-       Life Plan: Self-sustainability and the knowledge of running a strong ecofriendly business.


Since I can remember all I have ever wanted to do was travel. I began my travels when I went and worked at Disney World where I found my love of culture. Realizing that all travel is, is immersing yourself into the community of where you are at in that moment. And that’s when I fail in love! Now I am going to somewhere that speaks another language and lives differently than me everyday, and I absolutely cannot wait! This love of travel has been itching at me for sometime now. I am at a point in my life where I see listening to my inner feelings and following what they say is how I will truly begin to grow. To me growing is what life is all about, everyday we are given opportunities to learn and grow as humans and I believe it is my time to take my growth to another country, in nature where I am truly calm and myself. Not only will this program allow me to grow as a Traveler and my mental growth but also give me the opportunity to learn how to run a business with an ecofriendly mindset. My life goal is to live with this earth and use the tools she gives me to be successful and to always return my love to her! I want to come back with the knowledge of how to run a business, that I have been planning with a close friend, with the best outlook for giving back to the community, the earth, and being a positive place for people to come.

         I hope that I have shown you all why I want to go on this adventure and what it cannot only do for me but what it can do for the world. This is an internship starting in September and ending in November, to be able accomplish this adventure I need $9,000.00 to fly and pay for the tuition of the program. I need more than anything, is prayers and good vibes for my safety and growth in this internship, and if you are able a donation is beyond appreciated! Thank you for your time and more than anything thank you for your love! If you have any questions please visit https://kaluyala.com!


                                             Peace and Love,

                                                      Caroline Keenum

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