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The SSA envisions a barrier-free transition for victims of Domestic & Dating Violence. 98% of victims will return to their abuser because of lack of $

  All funds raised will go towards The SSA's Survivor Fund
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Last year as a Master's project at Buffalo State, one academic, Jessica Cassick, reached out to one of her best friends, Heather VanHoose-Grimmer, to tackle an issue concerning Domestic Violence.

Having both walked the life of a victim for some time, and then years as survivors, they always felt like something was missing. They continued to try to attend the support group that they met in, but eventually, it seemed as though they capped out on what they could learn there, but it wasn't enough.

Who is there to catch you when you fall? Who is there to say, "We have your back, what is it that would inspire you to be the change you wished that you could see in this world? How can we make this an easier journey so that you can achieve true success, and find your purpose?" 

They decided that since no one was there to say this to them, they would be the ones to create this CHANGE! And they did! In their first group, the ladies were succeeding by far so much faster than they did. These two co-founders had taken away the trial and error of being a Survivor and PAVED THE WAY TO SUCCESS. They both agree that they both walked in and face planted so many times, why should everyone AFTER them even have to? "Let's take the time it took to fail over and over, and GIVE them the time to just SUCCEED from the getgo," they said.

98% of victims return to their abuser because they do not have the money to take care of themselves and their family.

What would you do if your life is being threatened, but you thought that you didn't have a choice in the matter because you couldn't financially stabilize your families lives if you were to leave?

What would you do if you were about to die, but the risk of starving to death versus the risk of being murdered is the choices you have to make for yourself?

THIS is the choices so many of these victims have to make!


That's A LOT of people.

One in three females and one in four males will face abuse in their lifetime... these numbers are changing dramatically daily, and THEY are our SOCIETY'S REALITY.

Did you know that more people die from Domestic Violence every year than they do from war oversees?

Did you know that Domestic Violence is the 5th leading cause of death for Women in the US?

Did you know that in some states, there is a registry to track violent offenders like the sex offender registry, to know if the person you are dating is dangerous, but here in New York? Nada.

How are we supposed to teach these people how to survive, if they don't know who they are anymore?

Domestic Violence does more than leave bruises on the skin and in the memories. It takes who you are, were, and possibly will be; and it morphs it all together, throws in dirty words, and terrible ideas. It tears you all apart, throws in dirty words, and terrible ideas. Puts you back together WRONG, throws in dirty words, and terrible ideas. Just to strip you apart again, and replace you with nothingness.

No personality.

No smile.

No sense of a future.

No thoughts of how to be our true selves.

These are the trials and tribulations of SO many people out there. WE want to make a difference. We WILL to lead the change. WE want to be the change WE wished to see in this world when it was us coming through hell and back again to face plant over and over.



Make the difference. 

The funds collected from this shirt will go towards the Survivor Fund that helps survivors to go back to school, get their GED, get their permit and/or license, to get DBA's, and ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that is stopping a survivor from finding their true purpose and passion in life to lead the change they ARE with US.

Visit synergyservicesalliance.org to read more about this company.


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