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Help us raise enough funds to start a small business. 

  All funds raised will go towards Starting our small business
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About Us,


Steve suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis it is a disease that effects the immune system causing fusion of the bones as well as a myriad of other possible health problems. AS has effected him by causing fusion of his spine, hips, SI joints, and neck. The pain causes discomfort which leads to anxiety around the condition making it impossible to hold a standard job. The anxiety compounds pain and so he is caught in a vicious loop. No longer able to work he turned to his cat Puny Bear for comfort and understanding. Spending time with Puny has had a therapeutic affect and helps relieve his anxiety. Realizing that other who suffers from AS could benefit as well he decided to use his artistic talent to create images that both made him and others smile. On Instagram as @puny_bear he does a post every Monday called #punysmondaysmile to not only brighten his mood but the mood of others. 


Ed used to suffer from anxiety and before finding Papa Pug and was on the verge of becoming Agoraphobic. @Papa_Pug came into Ed’s life at just the right time. Like most pugs Papa Pug is outgoing and very social. Aa a puppy he needed lots of attention and socialization that forced Ed to not only leave the house but to interact with strangers. Along with professional help Papa Pug helped Ed overcome social anxiety and panic attacks. Now Ed is doing what they can to give back all that they were given. Ed is doing this through TNR, fostering, and educating communities on the importance of Trap, Neuter, Return. These things all cost money and for the past year Ed has been doing this on their own dime. This lead Ed to look for alternative methods of fundraising and that’s when Ed got the idea to pawtner up with Steven. 


Ed‘s new found pawtner in design realized that these images could do so much more for so many more people. So Ed preposed a pawtnership where Steven would create the image and Ed would handle the business aspects of production, distribution and marketing. That brings us to this fundraiser. They have a solid business model, a name, and a good direction for the business but in order to make this happen they need start up funds. They could seek out standard funding but that would require them to compromise their values and decision making. So instead they decided to self fund via a tee shirt campaign. 



With your help they can continue their mission to help others and you get a pawsome shirt, sweatshirt or bag. So please helpmeowt so they can continue to give back and bring awareness to a little known condition as well as an extremely common one. 

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