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Team JamesRoy Autism Awareness T-Shirt


Get ready to be Kind & show kindness to this young teen with Autism. He needs on-going therapies & he even gives back to various charities.

  All funds raised will go towards On-going therapy needs & therapeutic activities for this young teen with Autism
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A message from JamesRoy to All of you:


Hello Everyone do you have two or three minutes to read my story?


I am grateful that my mother helped me express my thoughts.


First and foremost, when I designed my T-Shirt I put a few clip art symbols on it like the Statue of Liberty and a red heart.  For me, the red heart represents kindness and all the medical doctors and people who are kind not only to me but also kind to my Grandpa as he continues to recuperate since his Open Heart Surgery but this fundraiser is only for me because my Grandpa says he is old enough to help himself.

In addition, for me the Statue of Liberty represents being kind to people from all different  ethnic  backgrounds, genders and differences. I like to think that we are all different.  

I quote Dr. Temple Grandin who said, "I am different, not less." This is my way of introducing myself to you and a ll the kind people in the world who do not know me yet you still decided to take a moment to be kind to me by "paying it forward" as the saying goes and purchasing one or more of my T-Shirts to support my campaign.  As for all the people like freinds and family who know me your support means the world to me. 

Ever since I was born I never knew I was different until other people told me I was different. In fact, one day it was a medical doctor that told my family I was different and that I had developmental delays. For example, I never crawled for over a year since birth and I never walked until I was almost two years old after I received physical therapy. If you think that's no reason to be alarmed then what would you say when I tell you I never even had speech until I was 5-years old.

No matter what, I don't think I am different because other people see me as different. I believe that there is  nothing wrong with being different.

 For the people who know me like my friends & family,  you may not even know that one of my favorite songs is "Born This Way," by Lady Gaga. I like this song because it  reminds me how happy I  am with myself to be born this way.

Also, what people don't know about me is that I never let my diagnosis of Autism stop me from helping other people. That's why I often participate in fundraisers like the NJMTA Children Helping Children Performathon which has given me opportunities to play piano to raise funds for charities like Ronald McDonald House Charities and Homefront a non-profit that helps homeless children in New Jersey

I generally go to all my regular therapeutic sessions as an outpatient where I see doctors or various medical professionals taking down notes about me. I never know what's in their notes but I hope they capture positive things about me like how I like to do Artwork in Art Class at school and how I like learning martial arts and playing piano especially at fundraising events that help other kids and families in need. 

I love the fact that my mother has been helping me with my fundraising efforts by helping to  sell not only these  T-Shirts for me but also  health and wellness products by Arbonne for my benefit.  You will notice that's why I listed her Facebook page on my  T-Shirts.

As you can imagine, I really would like to continue all my therapies for Autism that are helping me continue to develop but these expenses are not all covered by my family's medical insurance and that's why this campaign is so important to me.

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