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Justice For Pixie

Our pit bull Pixie got out yesterday. We've been improving the yard, and it's been a while since she last escaped, but she's smart. She's a brown Pitt

  All funds raised will go towards Pixie's Emergency Hospital Bills
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Our pit bull Pixie got out yesterday. We've been improving the yard, and it's been a while since she last escaped, but she's smart. She's a brown Pitt, and while she likes to bark, has never hurt any one.  However,  it appears she was shot in her face and left on our doorstep, after being beaten with many broken bones. She is in surgery right now, she has no feeling in her rear legs, damage to her sinuses and possibly her brain. But alas, my hard headed baby is expected to live at the moment. Her tail bone is completely separated. She has fractures in her pelvis and surrounding bones. Three ribs were broken on the right side, and both her lungs are bleeding/bruising. She has damage to her neck and brain. The weird part is her face. The wound looks like a gun shot. Even the doctor said so. But there is no bullet in her head, and no exit wound. They said they don't know what could have caused that, but it was deliberate. They said not to rule out being hit by a car, but that it doesn't necessarily look like that's what it was. She may lose control of her bowels and bladder for the rest of her life. She may be paralyzed. She may have brain damage. We may start on her recovery just for her to die in a few days. But for now my baby is gonna live. Too stubborn to die. It's so sad that people stereotype pit bulls and this man felt the need to torture her and to put the cherry on top, left her on our porch. The same man we believe did this is the only man that's threatened us about it before and followed her back to our house or multiple occasions to let us have a piece of his mind so he's the only one that knew where Pixie belonged to. We even got messages from a few witnesses saying they seen a green/blue van pull up to our house last night and dropped her on our porch. Just the down payment for Pixie staying the night for a while in the hospital in over $4000, and that's just the very beginning. They said this is expected to be a very long and hard recovery and outrageously expensive. Please donate and send prayers. Every little bit helps. I hope the gentleman that did this, and we do know who it was, finds comfort in beating and shooting a little girl's playful dog. I hope every dog you meet can smell what you've done. I hope you feel guilty. But most of all I hope you feel disappointed. She will get better. She will still be smart. And she will poop on your lawn.

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