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My name is Quinn Wagner. I am a student of Psychiatry and Psychedelics, and wish to spread word to aid Legalization of Medicinal Psilocybin! 

  All funds raised will go towards Spreading Awareness for Medicinal Psilocybin
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Living with Major Depressive disorder, I have tried many different medications with no positive outcome. Because of my exposure to micro-doses with Psilocybin, my quality of life has sky rocketed. Many different prescriptions of Anti-Depressants and mood stabilizers, over time, have shown me that their true effects are"Numbing". My School work, Professional Environment, and my overall mood was dragging. Feelings of little to no motivation took over, and I needed a real solution. Soon after my first dose of psilocybin,I was able to analyze myself on a much deeper level, and began to understand what lifestyles work for me. Everyone deserves this opportunity for discovery. Everyone deserves to wake up to a happy meaningful life.

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