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Carters tumor is benign, but he still has a long road ahead of him to beat the tumor!! Lets join together and show our support for Carter! #LetsDoThis

  All funds raised will go towards Carters medical bills
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Monday morning, May 14, we were admitted into Memorial Children’s Hospital with Carter to find out why our little man was losing weight and falling off of the growth chart. After several very long days, restless nights and more tests than you can imagine we finally received some answers. 

Carter has a very rare disorder called Diencephalic Syndrome that is caused by a brain tumor. Brain tumor is the last thing in the world that we ever expected to hear, but we have experienced a small sense of relief to finally have an answer. If you know Carter or have had any period of time with him you know that he is the most loving, happy, carefree, energetic kid in the world. 

The staff here at Memorial have been nothing short of amazing as well as Dr. Ramos’ office for getting us to this point as urgently as possible. The doctors, nurses, techs, and everyone else have fallen in love with him, much like anyone else who meets him. Carter has a way of leaving an imprint on the heart of ANYONE he meets and even in this situation there are no exceptions. He runs the hallways, gives out hugs, and drags everyone around with the biggest most beautiful smile you could ever imagine.

The support from our family and friends within the last week is something that Joey and I don’t quite have the right words to explain. I learned a long time ago that family doesn’t have to be blood to be called family. Well, our “family” is pretty f***ing awesome! 

We have a good prognosis, but a long road in front of us and what we need the most right now is all of the prayers, good vibes, and positive energy that we can get! We need them surrounding Carter and his whole medical team, for Joey and I and our families, for Cade to understand why things are so different right now and for our village of people who love and care for us, to bring us all a sense of peace, hope and a positive attitude. 
   Even though Carter's tumor was found to be benign we still have a long road ahead of us in his recovery.

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