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Life is A Wild Ride for Some

We need to raise money for a family suffering from the effects of Chris having a motorcycle accident that he almost died from and left him disabled.

  All funds raised will go towards The care of family needs and hopefully repair of the roof and home.
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Full story

Chris Fitch was in a motorcycle accident that left him disabled with long term disability. He was hit by a car and left in a coma. He has permanent brain damage. He used to work a regular job and provide for his family. He has three children under the age of 13. He lives with his Mother, who is also disabled. They try to take care of each other. They live in a mobile home with a roof that leaks and is in bad shape. They have no way to fix their roof. Sometimes they can't pay their bills, buy clothing, or groceries. They live from check to check trying to make it and there is no room for extra things in their budget. Sometimes they have to cancel their Doctor appointments. They scrape by and it is depressing to Chris who feels like he can't take care of his family. It has hurt him and caused him more emotional turmoil. He suffers from issues related to his wreck and is in pain daily. His Mother is in poor health and cannot afford to go to the doctor. She has issues with her hip and can't get around easily. The Rainy season is coming and the holes in their roof and leaks have caused water damage. They need help in many ways. The children need clothing that fits. There are bills to pay and lots of worries. Chris has his three kids and is trying to raise them with just his Mother to help him. The guilt of not being able to work is a constant thought to him and there is not much he can do about it. Please order a tee shirt to help us raise money to try to reduce their stress and fix that leaky roof. The house will eventually fill with mold and mildew if this is not done. That will be bad for everyone. I am greatly concerned about this family. Chris can't get a job. The wreck he was in while riding home on his motorcycle has wrecked his life. He was hit by a driver who ran through the light. He flipped over the car and landed on his head. He has short term memory loss and sees the  doctor as regularly as he can. They need some help. And maybe you need just one more tee shirt. It's for a good cause. And we would really appreciate any help or support you can give to this cause. For some people, life is a wild ride...Like a rollercoaster that they can't get off of. I've known them for some time, and it has been a tough time, a chaotic time and a very anxious time every single month when bills come. They are trying to hold on to the house and land that they are struggling to hold on to. Without help, they may lose their home and become homeless. The rest of the family have given tirelessly to try to save them. But, they have their own expenses. This family desperately needs some outside help. Sometimes life IS a wild ride and all you can do is hang on. I am trying to help them do this. Please order your shirt andwear it knowing that you gave to a good cause. And I hope that it makes you also remember that Wild Rides and hard times fall on all of us. Thank you for reading their story and know that I come to you with only love and honesty in my heart to try to help Chris and his family. Even if it is just a little bit, it is still a blessing. Thank you again.  Good Vibes and many blessings.

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