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#LoveYourCity 2019 Campaign!

Join the movement of people who don't simply live in their city, but LOVE their city!

  All funds raised will go towards #LoveYourCity 2019 and Cleanup Weekends
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Elmira Discipleship Ministries holds to the Truth that each person has been put on mission to love people with the Love of God. The two greatest commandments of Jesus, “Love God and love your neighbor”, are simple in concept, but many people find themselves uncertain how to live them out. What does it look like to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’? Who is the neighbor you are to love? How do you go from simply living in your city to #loveyourcity? 

There are two strategic parts to the #Loveyourcity movement. 

The first part:

#Loveyourcity weekends (July, 2019) will give ALL PEOPLE a chance to be a part of the transfomation Elmira is experiencing. 

Primarily focused on strategic trash pick up locations throughout the city, and in partnership with city leaders, we invite you join the movement and to #loveyourcity! 

The second part:

The other part of #LYC is a 4 day back yard mission trip in Elmira! This is primarily focused on teaching and equipping CHRISTIANS how to live out the love of God for their neighbors and city.

Whether you are a seasoned follower of Jesus seeking a new perspective, a student in youth group, a family, or are new or searching in your faith in Jesus, we are inviting you to discover the answers to these questions and more!

#LoveYourCity is prayerfully designed for people seeking to be challenged and equipped in daily, practical love. Throughout the week, expect to learn and do some of the following:

  • Learn how to hear from God for others
  • Street ministry
  • Pray for the sick/hurting
  • Children’s outreach
  • Beautify the city
  • Understand your identity
  • Build up the church
  • Learning to be “family” with each other
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