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It is true that no dream is too big but some may take a little longer to chase. It takes is hard work and determination. Make your dreams come alive!

  All funds raised will go towards a conservation organization for the preservation of wildlife
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There is nothing we can do to completely erase the effects that we, as humans, have had on Wild Life. As the population of our kind grows, the habitats of ones before us are being taken. My dream is to expand my knowledge of threatened, endangered species to pursue a career where I can educate and inspire others to take action; to participate in sustainable development; to save lives of animals who are in need of help. I have no idea what the future holds but I what I do know is that I am willing to work hard to reach my goals.


As I write this, I just found out that I was denied a partial scholarship to study Mediterranean Sea Turtles and Dolphins as well as possible veterinary medicine experience. The profits from this fundraiser was meant to go towards one of the following program tuitions but since I cannot afford either in each of its entirety, all funds will now be donated to a conservation organization for the preservation of wildlife. I will not let this take away from my goals, I will only make new ones. I hope to inspire you to keep chasing your dreams, no matter the challenges. It is with good intentions that I ask for you for help on this journey. 

Feel free to donate and send me pictures in your shirt so I can personally thank you for your contribution.


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