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MycoBus for the Morel Compass

Help us expand our tiny farm into a mobile micro farm so we can have a greater reach with our gourmet mushrooms and mycoeducation. 


  All funds raised will go towards Restoring an old greyhound bus into a sustainable micro mushroom farm.
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Hi I am Lily,

An amputee single mother to a tiny mycophile (mushroom enthusiast), working with fungi to give her a better world. For the last year I have been growing gourmet mushrooms in a 6x8 greenhouse, and it's time to expand.

I have found an old diesel greyhound bus, and I have the design and energy to transform it into a much bigger farm than what I have now (7x40), with a lab to start collecting cultures! My goal is to have up and producing by August, with the hopes to be running the farm off solar and bus off veggie oil, so I can tour it around and teach classes on how people can grow super foods in very small spaces, as well as use mushrooms for myco remediation. 

The Bus cost $1800 (I will be purchasting before this campaign ends) 

The Solar $4000

The modifications and final lab stuff $4000

Final bits and tune up $1200

I love mushrooms, they offer so many solutions to help heal us and our planet. From offering food, vitamin D and other medicinal qualities to enhanse our immune systems, brain functions, and stamina. They can also be used to cleaning up oil spills, and offer solutions for packaging to replace our styrofoam epademic, and digest plastic. With your help I can take this small step forward in following my passion in a way that doesn't stress me out too much and stays within my goals of both travel and urban farm enviroments. Plus offers me the chance to share so much more with my daughter and show her that even little steps have the power to change the world. 


The MycoPirate Momma


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