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I am starting this campaign to work towards my goal of obtaining a service dog. This will improve my quality of life. Thank you for your support.

  All funds raised will go towards Obtaining a service dog
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Meet Jennifer!  Jennifer loves cooking, reading, and animals!  She’s a domestic violence abuse survivor.  It’s by the advice of her medical team that she get a service dog to help her with her PTSD, diabetes, and for mobility assistance.  She has neuropathy in both of her feet, fused bones in both wrists, arthritis, coronary artery disease, and bulging disks.  Three days after the loss of a close family friend Jennifer had a heart attack at work, and was air lifted to Bend.  She’s since had multiple stints put in her heart.  Her down time has made her neuropathy and arthritis worse, causing her to feel very defeated.  Her service dog will help her in so many ways!

Jennifer loves her family and is a very kind and gentle soul.  She has an adorable little dog, Baxter who’s three.  She’s worked hard to turn her life around after moving to Oregon, from escaping an abusive relationship in Oklahoma.  Her husband adores her and works hard to comfort her through her medical challenges.  Jennifer looks forward to all that her service dog will be able to help her with, and the independence that she’ll regain with that help.  Jennifer’s entire family will feel the positive effects of her service dog!  

Jennifer is considering getting her service dog through one of the many prison partnership programs.  These programs are beneficial to all involved, including giving the inmates employable skills.  She is also considering a puppy to train with the guidance and training that Pals With Paws can provide.  Ideally a large calm breed to help her with her mobility and stabilize her when she needs it.  Her service dog will help alert her to her diabetic needs, create distance between her and strangers, alert her to her PTSD attacks, use deep pressure therapy to ease her attacks, help her pick up items off of the floor, open doors, stabilize her while walking, and will be able to get the phone to dial 911 if she needs help.

Pals with Paws  has partnered with Jennifer in an attempt to fund-raise so that she can get the service dog she needs and make Jennifer’s difficult life more enjoyable.  Jennifer will need all the basic supplies for a dog, as well as training, and equipment. Any help you can provide will enable Pals with Paws  to provide supplies, and training for the next 12 months!  Your contributions will have lasting effects and improve Jennifer’s quality of life dramatically. Thanks to you, Jennifer will have all the tools she needs to succeed! Let’s work together to give Jennifer some Paws for Hope!


Pals with Paws  mission is to help those that cannot afford to pay for training of service and therapy dogs, especially for veterans, children/persons with disabilities, and low-income families/individuals.  Not only do we want to ensure that they receive these services, we want to make sure they get everything in a timely manner. There are a lot of grants out there but getting tied up in government funds causes severe delays, red tape, and other problematic situations that can prevent someone in need from getting help when they need it. Pals with Paws  provides a wide variety of training, from basic obedience to specific targeted tasks that the dogs can perform for specific medical purposes.  We don't think it's fair to make good people wait for services they need now, especially when a grant takes 2 – 5 years to process and that doesn’t include prep time, obtaining a dog, and filling out subsequent paperwork for additional grants in order to afford training. And that's even if the individual qualifies for said grant. It can be a stressful and uncertain process.


What you pay for: 


Your generous donations will ensure that Jennifer gets regularly scheduled training sessions for her dog and equipment to keep them at peak performance for Jennifer. All equipment and the impact from services provided, will last them for the entirety of their time together as a team.

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