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Queen City Bulldog Rescue

Queen City Bulldog Rescue is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to improving the lives and welfare of Bulldog breeds in Cincinnati, OH.

  All funds raised will go towards Rescue Bulldogs at Queen City Bulldog Rescue
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"Life would be easier without a bulldog. My bank account would be more impressive and my heart far less damaged. 

I've often times received question as to why I own arguably the most man made, in bred, high maintenance breed imaginable, especially due to my most sincerest passion for rescue.

I never have a hallmark answer. However, I feel compelled to mother this breed because I've seen first hand what one can look like in the hands of a careless owner. I own one because even if small in number, I know that profit driven breeding will be decreased due to spay and neutering, even if only by one dog. I put my heart and soul into ensuring that at least one creature, who was born with the odds stacked against them, will have a safe, loving home with hopeful subsequent years of a comfortable life. My love for this breed is so genuine that if educated owners aren't a guarantee,  I hope to see a day where bulldogs are a breed of the past. When they are no longer bred because their suffrage and comfort mean more than our own selfish satisfaction of having their companionship. 

Owning a bulldog isn't easy. But I'll chose this life time and time again. Why? Because it's worth it."

-Chelsea Muenzer, Founder QCBR

Queen City Bulldog Rescue looks forward to welcoming many more bulldogs and bulldog lovers into our hearts and our story. We're here to rescue, rehabilitate, educate and support. Welcome to the family!

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