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Revelations Olympia - I'm crazy and I know it!

Let's change the way mental health care is delivered, and the way we care for our practitioners helping those in need!

  All funds raised will go towards Supporting the development of Revelations Olympia
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Revelations Olympia will be the culmination of the dreams of many recipients and practitioners of mental health services in the Olympia, WA area. The current system is not effectively meeting the needs of our community, so together we have come up with another approach. This center will break all the "rules"; it will be open primarily during off hours (evenings and weekends), there will be no set appointments, it will feel welcoming and classy, and there will be food and GOOD coffee available to all. Revelations Olympia will serve as a safe place for all members of our community to come feel safe and receive support, regardless of diagnosis (or lack there of; all community members are welcome to come enjoy our space!), insurance status, housing status, immigration status, ability to pay or any other factor.

Ideally the space will offer access to professional counselors, psychiatric medications through a psychiatric ARNP, social workers, occupational therapy and peer counseling; all on an as needed basis without ever scheduling an appointment. There will also be an awesome team of front desk and billing staff to help keep the center running smoothly and to make the money work out. In the lobby and hang out rooms we plan to provide for all kinds of 'creature comforts' and tools for people to help regulate their own mental health including hot wash cloths with optional essential oils, warm blankets, comfortable chairs and seating, cafe like table set ups, ice packs (which are a HUGE help with regulating panic disorder and other big emotions; and are nearly free to provide!), games, books, coloring supplies, etc. We have many ideas of the simple things that make a big difference we would like to provide, and will always be open to suggestions from our staff and clients. 

Revelations Olympia will *not* be a non-profit and I, Molly Shave, will be the CEO. This will allow the organization to remain nimble and to easily and quickly adjust to meet the needs of our clients and practitioners. I sometimes get teased about how much I love insurance, and after looking into the billing codes that are available to mental health centers I am confident that we can bill sufficiently (even while primarily billing medicaid!) to support the center long term; and donations will allow us to provide complementary/alternative medicine services that are not covered by medicaid also free of charge (acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy, etc). A version of this billing model has already been successfully tried in Denver, Colorado; go watch this TedTalk!

Another factor that will make Revelations Olympia unique will be our focus on caring for the caregivers. You can't give from an empty cup and too many people in the mental health field quickly burn out, and understandably so. At Revelations I plan to base our compensation plan on the example of many tech companies; with the goal of providing radical and unheard of perks to our employees like free lunch every day, wonderful coffee, high quality health insurance with no out of pocket costs, mandatory breaks, and unlimited leave. Our goal will be to buffer our employees from the stresses of regular day to day life to the maximum extent possible, so that they can focus their time and energy on what they really want to be doing: helping those in need.

The money raised by this campaign will provide the funds for throwing an in person gala to gain more financial support and community involvement, help me to contract support for legal and financial parts of running the center, and pay for getting the space set up and salaries paid before Medicaid reimburses us for services provided. I am in the process of working out a financial proof of concept; however after looking at the available CPT (billing) codes, and the amount Medicaid pays for these services, I am confident that sufficient funds will be available if things are billed properly. I will post updates on and you can sign up for our email list there as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your support!!

❤️ Molly Shave

Mom Boss / CEO Co-Founder of Revelations Olympia

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