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Safe with Me

In this time of turmoil following the election, we must unite, stand strong and make our voices heard especially to those most in need.

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I am a gay woman who, following this election should be very afraid. Yet now I am just as frightened for all marginalized groups in this country—Muslims, African Americans, Women, Immagrants, Refugees—not just the LGBTQ+ community. I have never been one to sit on the sidelines when I see injustice happening around me, and I venture to guess that if you're looking at this, you haven't either.

Perhaps we've become complacent over the last eight years or maybe we let ourselves believe that this country had become the progressive nation so many of us knew it could be. Somewhere in there, though, we lost sight of the fight that got us to where we are.

So now it's time to dust off the battle armour that packed up hoping to never pull out again. It's time to strap it back on, unite as we never have before, stand with one another shoulder to shoulder and let the leadership of America know that we will not be silent. We will not fight each other any longer. Instead we will focus on the enemy that oppresses us all, and will not accept a life lived with less than the full rights we deserve as human beings and Americans. As a marginalized people, we will unite and when we do, our voices will finally be heard!

In that vain, the proceeds from this campaign will be donated entirely to the ACLU Foundation which is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending the civil liberties of all Americans. Please join me in this fight!

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