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Helping to purchase a wheelchair for an active person suddenly finding himself in a wheelchair.

  All funds raised will go towards Purchase of a wheelchair for Scott, so he can return to the activities he loves.
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Full story

The short version is in October of 2018, we went to Mexico to celebrate our 25th anniversary with some friends. On our second day there, while snorkeling, Scott felt a horrible pain in his leg. We all assumed a pulled muscle by the way it hurt. Later in the day his leg was grey and in excruciating pain so he requested to go to emergency. The hospital was a private hospital and while they were able to diagnose his popliteal aneurysm they didn't have the proper staff to treat him so they scheduled to transfer him to a hospital in Cancun about an hour away. On the way there he was required to stop at the private hospital, which kept him for days without food, water or treatment, and we were unable to see him. After involving the US consulate we were able to hire an ambulance to take him to the hospital in Cancun where the surgeon performed an emergency bypass. A blood clot had lodged in the aneurysm causing his leg to have no blood flow until after the surgery was done. This eventually caused him to have to have his leg amputated. After an extended stay in Mexico we flew back and when he saw a vascular surgeon here they knew immediately his leg was dead and infected. They sent him directly to the hospital to have it amputated. The Drs. though they had gotten it all with the amputation but after several days it was discovered that he had MRSA. They then had to do an above the knee amputation. Scott has the same thing in his left leg also which he just had surgery for to hopefully avoid an amputation and he has an aortic aneurysm also. Scott had no health issues prior to this. The Drs called his condition a silent killer, said most people don't catch it in time and the blood clot goes straight to the heart, lung or brain killing them instantly. We are so thankful he is alive, his Drs here in the states said he escaped death 3 times.

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