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Seek HELP Youth!!!!!!!!!!!

Here to bring light to Mental Health & Suicide Awareness. Not all is as it seems... Everyone is Battling Their Own DEMONS...

  All funds raised will go towards The Mental Health Foundation
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On April 3, 2018 I Alex Harris did the most dangerous and craziest thing that a lot of people do which is giving up and ending my life b/c i didn't care about anyone or myself!! I Alex Harris jumped off a 7 1/2 story building and i broke hip pelvis both ankles my back and my whole right leg is metal rods and part of my back has metal rods b/c i was selfish! i didn't care about anybody!! In all actually I hurt them!! The ones who cared the most for me!! I was in a medically induced coma for 1 1/2 Months!! They thought i wasn't gonna live, eat, breath, talk and move again!! So don't hurt yourself b/c at the end of the day you are hurting others more than yourself!! But I'm here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! If you suffer with DEPRESSION, ANGER, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, ANXIETY, HALLUCINATIONS, DRUGS and ALCOHOL or whatever else YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! This is coming from MY HEART to whoever wants to read!!! 

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